We accept advance orders up to 7 days prior to your delivery date. Our store hours is 8AM-9PM daily, and average lead time is 60-90 minutes depending on your location and the queing of orders. Orders placed after 7PM will be accepted for earliest delivery the following day. Please select your preferred delivery date and time on check-out. You will receive a text confirmation after placing your order. We may call or text you directly, if necessary. You will also be notified via text if your order has been dispatched for delivery.


We may receive online orders any time of the day for delivery to Metro Manila cities and Rizal up to a 30km distance from our restaurant. Delivery fees will be calculated on check-out, before proceeding to payment. Delivery fees may range from P100 to P350 depending on the distance of your location from the restaurant. Please note that distance may affect the quality of the food due to longer delivery time.

The delivery time slot for the next available hour does not take into account the distance of your delivery address. When selecting time slots, please note that peak hours, rainy weather, and holidays may affect delivery time due to volume of orders and heavier road traffic. We appreciate your understanding.

You may also choose to select the “Store Pick-Up” option and arrange to pick-up personally. If you need our staff to deliver your food to your car by the driveway, please indicate “Curbside Pick-Up” along with your vehicle type, color and plate number in the “Special Request” portion. For curbside pick-up, please call us in our landline or cell phone number to inform us when you have arrived. There are no added fees with the Store Pick-Up option, including the curbside pick-up service.


Payment may be made online via credit card/debit card (Paymongo), bank transfer and G-cash (Dragonpay). Philippine banks are covered in the bank transfer (Dragonpay) option. In the unlikely case you are not able to make an online payment, you may choose the “Offline Bank Transfer/Cash on Delivery (COD)” option. In this case, your order is not confirmed until our staff directly contacts you and accepts your order. Please note that COD may entail additional delivery fees due to the double trip for cash handling and may not always be approved for farther locations and huge amounts.

We humbly ask for your patience and understanding as we work hard to fulfill each order safely and with care.



At Chido PH, we highly value the quality and freshness of our products so rest assure that we check your orders prior to dispatching them to our third party courier.

Given this, we regret to inform you that wouldn’t be liable for damages or mishanding caused by the courier.

 But please do let us know for any feedback so we can better serve you by sending us an email to contactus@chidoph.com or by reaching us to our social media accounts.

Thank you!